About Me

I’m currently looking for work!

I recently completed a data science fellowship to formalize my knowledge of Python/SKLearn/Keras and refresh my statistics knowledge. My degree is in Chemistry, with minors in Math and Philosophy. I have over ten years of experience with experimental design, data collection, data analysis, predictive modeling, and statistical decision-making. I have experience applying Statistical and Machine Learning Tools via Python to real world problems.

As a chemist, I’ve mostly been involved in continual improvement and QA/QC. This involves such activities as fraud detection, data management, trend analysis, performance analysis, compliance assessment/auditing, and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the best opportunities for chemists are by their nature particularly nasty environments, and I’d rather try to avoid dying young from chronic illness.

On the side, I dabble a bit in interactive art, sculpture, LEDs, propane flame effects, and event management. I am the executive director and president of a local non-profit that, among other things, promotes art, technology, and communication, as well as hosts a regional burn event in the central Texas area. I’ve been involved with over a dozen large and medium scale interactive art projects that have been featured at various events across the country, most notably Burning Man. I am extremely passionate about art and enabling artists. When I am not turning my home into a wasteland of solder fumes, wire insulation, sawdust, and metal filings, you can expect me to be playing with my two cats, practicing my cooking skills, and doting on my amazing wife.

You can reach me at matt@idreamofgini.com.