What I learned from a Data Science Bootcamp

So those of you who may know me personally may be aware that I recently completed General Assembly’s Data Science Intensive Fellowship. I’ve had a few months to internalize the experience, figure out what other skills may help me get employed, and get a taste of the current job market. What follows is my deconstruction of the program:

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It’s Been a While. . . .

It’s been the better part of two years since I last wrote a post for this site. The reason for this travesty is that I took a job for an abusive employer. I was working 80 hours a week, often including weekends. The breaking point was when I caught my employer stealing leave.

As my experiences withing my chosen field of chemistry have been mostly negative, and since there is little opportunity for chemists in Austin, TX anyways, I have chosen to pursue a career in Data Science. After all, I already have a good handle on the math and the concepts. Might as well learn the code. And since most of the data science world works in Python, I can use that to sharpen my skills in TouchDesigner.
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